Busy work

Busy work

Caught in the act

Now that Daisy has learned to open the screen door, it is a complete free for all.  For instance, apparently both Daisy and Gretchen decided to bring in some busy work. However, I thought everything was a bit to quiet…caught in the act.


  1. I’ve been following you on Twitter. (Kassiesmom). Love your site! It must be the day for mischief–Kassie tried to eat a recipe book! :) Come by and visit us sometime! :)

  2. This comment is in regarding the you tube video. What oh what was your little runner chasing at such blazing speeds???

  3. She was actually trying to catch up to her sister Gretchen. Daisy is always very excited to get off the leash, but if Gretchen gets a headstart she will take off like a rocket just to catch up. And she gets quite vocal as well.

    Thanks for the note Stephanie.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by and the follow on Twitter. Both my wife and I have been to your site and I encourage others to do the same.



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